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            Home > Business Scope
            1. container import and export
            Provide a variety of sizes and types of container transport services to ensure smooth cargo, destination safely

            2. LCL import and export
            To provide a small, small cargo container transport, including personal luggage, parcels, goods and samples

            3. special cargo transportation
            Provide refrigerated cargo, dangerous cargo, oversized cargo transportation services

            4. multimodal transport
            By sea, rail, road, air and other modes of transport, to provide customers with global logistics services door to door

            5. Customs Clearance
            Declaration: import and export of goods to the customs declaration, etc.; inspection: import and export of goods to the entry-exit inspection and quarantine declaration

            6. project logistics
            Cover the project logistics, warehousing and other business

            7, cargo insurance
            In the transport of goods while providing customers with the insurance agent services
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