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            Our routes and exit points advantage
                      time:2010/7/8 hits:6154
            1, the airline's sales agency business is complete, has been the business agent for a number of international airlines, airport route covers major cities around the world. And Volga-Dnepr (Bridge) Airlines, Saudi Airlines, Singapore Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Dragon Air, Turkish Airlines, Air Canada, Qatar Airlines, Alitalia and many other domestic and international airlines to establish a friendly, long-term relations of cooperation.
            2, continuing European routes, good price and space superiority.
            3, and Southeast Asia routes traffic among the top in the industry, can provide the corresponding preferential tariffs and high-grade class.
            4, strong competitive advantage in the Middle East route, Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines in the volume of the top place.
            5, dominant route in the implementation of sub-route operation, providing highly specialized consulting, quote, operation services.
            6, established strict management, assessment system to ensure all links of import and export business work effectively
            7, we are in Ningbo, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other major ports has its own corporate operations and the Department of Customs. Goods according to customer location nearest operation.


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