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            Logistics and warehousing operations
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                Set warehousing, customs clearance, distribution, transportation, logistics overall program planning, supply chain management, implementation as a whole, from the customer needs, providing customers with a variety of customized logistics services. According to customer demand, existing supply to customers chain-depth analysis, optimization of business processes, integrated logistics supply chain in order to "tailor-made, integrated operation, personalized service" to meet customer's individual requirements, can provide customers with logistics consulting and information technology application, design large transportation routes and operating procedures, provide one-stop service for clients and recycling operations to improve supply chain processes, to minimize cost and improve the logistics efficiency. Provide bonded, non-bonded goods storage, loading export goods market, warehouse equipment, export consolidation, import deconsolidation services. Have custody, change, change packaging, play care, picking, sorting, repackaging, simple re-processing and other services.


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